Rain and Hail reports from Saturday

Saturday featured plenty of rain along with hail and flood damage in Central South Dakota. Brett Heath, three miles west of Colome on Highway 18, said he received 3.40. Pam Mayes, five miles west of Ideal, called in two and a half inches of rain, Craig Wagner told us he had anywhere from an inch and a half to two and a half inches of rain fall last night with marble size hail seven miles southeast of Winner. Tresh Swedlund, 9 miles west and 9 miles north of town reported 3.20. Randy Vandenhoek in Winner reported 3.5 inches. Short Haley in Colome had an inch 90 fall Saturday. There was a report of 2.5 inches eleven miles south of Winner. At the Cole and Lacey Shippy Residence, seven miles south of Colome, they had golf ball size hail fall. Ashley Augspurger in Winner reported 95/100s on Saturday. The Winner Bakery had water leak in and flooded shop. The bakery will be closed on Monday. Fred Weidner at Dog Ear Lake had an inch and a half of rain. The Winner Country Club Golf Tournament for Sunday has been cancelled and will be closed until Monday. 5 miles south of Winner, Ed Watzel had an inch 70 with golf ball size hail. Melvin Orel, east of the Dollar General in Winner, had 4.70 fall on Saturday. Sharon Eddie on west second in Winner had 3.85. Joann Schilling said she had  4.85. 4 miles east of Winner, Michelle Parvin said she had 3.70 and the Bartels, northwest of Winner, said they had anywhere from 4 and a half to 5 and a  half inches of rain Saturday.