Friday morning rain reports

We had numerous people either call in or post their rain reports this morning. Tim Gant at the number five tee box in Winner reported an inch six overnight. Cheryl Littau, south of Carter, said she received an inch 10. Joan Bloom received two and a half inches at the north end of the Gregory City Limits. Kelly Pravecek said he had 2.25 fall overnight six miles southeast of Winner. Kara Gregg reported three quarters of an inch. Richard Bailey in Burke said he received 3.85. James Miller had two inches of rain fall 2 miles southwest of Mitchell. Kenny Weiland in Madison told us he received 2.75. Stan Bicek, ten miles south of Colome, received 2.40. Jo Carlson, east of the Winner Airport, received .85 overnight. Vivian Sweeney, northwest of Bassett, said she had 2.10. Pete Haukaas in Okreek reported just .30. Kasey Hanson reported 2.25. William Soles had three inches fall five miles east of Gregory. Adam Spreckles had two inches fourteen miles east of Winner. Chris Novotny reported 2.10. Betsy Watzel in Winner had an inch seven. Short Haley reported an inch 25 at his home in Colome and an inch 80 at Haley’s Hiway Lumber. Laura Reuer in Herrick said she had two inches fall. Nathan McPhee had just .19 northwest of Witten. Michelle Parvin had an inch forty five, four miles east of Winner on Highway 44. LaWaynie Hossle had .70. Kathy Simpson, three miles east of Burke, had 4.25. Jim Bowling received an inch 40, 11 miles south of Winner. Suzette Johnson had 4.75 by the Burke Elevators. Jane Tuttle in Burke reported five inches. John Ishmael had two inches fall in Clearfield. Donna Howland received an inch 75. Cody Kartak, 2 miles south of Ideal, had just .32. Vicki Nelson, six miles north of Colome had 2.2. Linda Harsin had 5.03 overnight in Burke. Dennis Hansen at Carlock reported an inch 85. Sharon Eddie in Winner said she had an inch 40. Liz Farley received 3.40.