Election Results from Tuesday

Yesterday was Election Day, and we have results from our local elections. In Winner in the mayor elections, it was Frank Finney receiving 339 votes  and Roger Farley received 292 votes. Frank Finney is the new mayor of Winner. For Councilman in Ward 1, it was Dave Baker receiving 82 votes, Clint Woods received 65 votes and Isaiah Curtis received 71 votes. Dave Baker will be the new councilman for Ward 1 in Winner. In the mayor election in Gregory, Maurie Schlaht received 214 votes and Scott Anshutz received 226 votes. Scott Anshutz is the new mayor of Gregory. In Presho,  they had elections in Ward 2 and 3. In Ward 2, Susan Thomas received 12 votes and Colby Brakke received 40 votes. Brakke will serve in Ward 2. In Ward 3, Angela Ehlers received 26 votes, Lance Comp received 24 votes and Robert Christensen received 3 votes. Ehlers will serve in Ward 3. In Kennebec for the town hall seat, Debra Halverson received 36 votes and Jared Schelske received 56 votes. Schelske has been elected to the three year term on the Kennebec Town Hall.