Election results

Primary elections took place today. Here are the local results.

In Tripp County, for Tripp County Commissioner in District 2. Incumbent Dan Forgey received 99 votes and George Shippy received 72 votes. Dan Forgey will retain his seat as Commissioner.

In Gregory County, in District 2 Kelsea Kenzy Sutton received 90 votes and Lance Matucha received 70 votes. In District 4, Bob Hausmann received 69 votes and John Parsons received 42 votes. Kelsea will be the County Commissioner in District 2 and Bob will be the County Commissioner in District 4.

In Charles Mix County, for Stateā€˜s Attorney Steven R Cotton received 350 votes and Pamela Susan Hein received 198 votes. Steven will now run in the General election this fall.

The Chamberlain School District voted on School board members. Jim Anderson received 569 votes, Linnea Wright received 487 votes, Leanne Larson received 466 votes, Lyndsie Steckelberg received 343 votes, and Marlo Natwick received 327 votes. The new school board members will be Jim Anderson, Linnea Wright and Leanne Larson.