Central South Dakota rain reports

We had numerous people send in rain reports this morning. LaWaynie Hossle called in .80, three miles east of Hamill. Tod Meyer in Geddes received over 3.5 inches. Rick Odenbach, six miles west of Hamill, reported an inch 80. Donna Howland said she has received an inch 20. Larry Sheppard in Mills reported 3.5 inches. Rick and Lin Shippy called in .55. Margie Kingsbury, northwest of Wood, reported .90. Pete Haukaas in Okreek said this morning he had .90 thus far. Stan Bicek, ten miles south of Colome, reported an inch 20. Dennis Hansen at Carlock called in an inch 30. Vivian Sweeney said she received .90 northwest of Bassett. Laura Reuer in Herrick reported an inch of rain. Short Haley reported 2.5 inches in Colome and .88 at Haley’s HiWay Lumber. Fred Weidner at Dog Ear Lake called in an inch 24. Delbert Klein has had an inch 90 fall, east of Burke. Brett Heath in Colome has had 2.10 inches fall. Cheryl Schroeder in Winner called in .81 while Tresh Swedlund said he has received two inches total.