Election results

The 2018 South Dakota November election races are in the books.  Kristi Noem has been elected as the new Governor of South Dakota.  Kristi received a total of 172, 894 votes. Billie Sutton received 161,416 votes in the Governor’s race. Dusty Johnson was selected to the House of Representatives as he received a total of 202, 673 votes. Tim Bjorkman had 121,002 votes while Ron Wieczorek received 7,322 votes. Jason Ravnsborg was elected South Dakota Attorney General as he received 169,507 votes. Randy Seiler received 133,865 votes. Michael S. Novotny was voted in as District 3 Tripp County Commissioner as he received 251 votes. Eric Connot  had 157 votes while Chuck Novotny received 64 total votes. Rocky Blare was voted in as District 21 State Senator as he received 4,918 votes. Julie Bartling received 4,080. For District 21 State Representatives,  Caleb Finck, who received 4,868 votes and Lee Qualm, who had 5,617 votes, were both elected. Faith Spotted Eagle received 1,796 votes and Anna Kerner Andersson received 3,027 votes. In the Gregory County Register of Deeds race, Kerri Grim received 688 votes, Kara Connot received 475 votes and Karla Zick had 571 votes. Jeffrey G. Johnson was elected to the Gregory County District 5 Board of Commissioners as he had 224 votes. Byron Grim received 195 votes. In District 26B, Rebecca Reimer was elected as State Representative as she received 2,716 votes while Debra Smith received 1,695 votes. Troy Heinert was elected as State Senator in District 26 as he received 3,890 votes while Joel Koskan received 3,450 votes. For Todd County Commissioner in District 1, Marshall Tinant received 273 votes while Llewellyn Wright received 267 votes. Jared Schelske was voted in as the Lyman County at-large commissioner as he received 756 votes. Zane Reis received 729 votes, Ryan Huffman had 696 votes while Steve Perry received 671 votes. Rich Sylva was elected Jones County Sheriff as he received 420 votes and Jennings Newbold has 115 votes.