Election results

School Board elections took place in the Winner School District and Colome Consolidated School District.

In the Winner School District elections Julie Manke received 290 votes, Ron High Rock Jr. received 54 votes, Scott Meiners received 256 votes, Haley Barfuss received 234 votes, and Nelle Schlomer received 225 votes. There were 3 seats open and those will be filled by Julie Manke, Scott Meiners and Haley Barfuss.

In the Colome Consolidated School Board election Holly Pechota received 59 votes, Casey Jo Shippy received 31 votes, Joel Koskan received 117 votes, Brett Galbraith received 125 votes, Ryan DeSmet received 97 votes and Cole Nicholas received 87 votes. There were 2 seats open and those will be filled by Joel Koskan and Brett Galbraith.