Darnell Novotny

Hey! Thanks for checking out Darnell’s staff bio! This isn’t Darnell, this is actually Trevor Hickens, but Darnell is busy doing all kinds of crazy stuff, so I thought I might sit down with you for a little bit. Darnell really is a prized jewel here at KWYR. She keeps us all on our feet, and makes sure that everything is running smoothly. When you call KWYR’s office line, more than likely you’re going to get to talk to her on the phone. (Don’t worry though, she doesn’t bite.) Anyway, no one really knows how long Darnell has been with us at KWYR. There are speculations as to how she got here, but I’m not one to spread rumors.

Come stop by KWYR someday and say hi to Darnell! Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of the site.