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We at KWYR are proud to serve the community with local agriculture information. We know that agriculture is vital to the local community, therefore; we strive to provide you with the latest information that affects our area.

We’ve been in contact with everyone from the powers that be on the national and state level to local ag producers, covering an array of topics ranging from Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy to bull sales to agriculture issues that affect you, the producer.

Throughout the week, we provide you with various programs that cover all aspects of agriculture. Here are some of the programs you can expect to hear:

-Prairie Traders Market Reports
-Highmore Elevator Reports
-Harvest USA
-Headcatch (R-CALF USA)
-Tally Book (SD Stockgrowers)
-Loos Tales
-Talk Rodeo
-Sandhills Cattle Association
-Sioux Falls Stockyards
-South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association
-Successful Farming
-Dakota Farm Talk
-Territorial Rodeo Update

We also provide you with the latest AG News that affects the daily lives of local producers, listen Monday through Friday at 3:20pm.




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