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Country 1260

When we say “Radio for the Heartland” we mean it!

Great Music

Our #1 goal is to provide perfectly tailored radio for South Central South Dakota and North Central Nebraska. You’ll hear a variety of the latest and greatest country hits by your favorite artists only on Country 1260.

The Latest Weather

A winter blizzard or a severe summer storm can make or break your plans, so start and end your day with Country 1260’s exclusive forecasts. We at Country 1260 also realize that weather conditions in these parts can vary from town to town and mile to mile. That is why we started the Weather Watchers program, where you, the listener, let us know the latest conditions.

Tons of Information

Everyday you will hear local and regional news that’s important to you and your neighbors. We have the best local news, tailored to fit our listening audience. We cover a broad listening area in central South Dakota and north central Nebraska.

You can catch morning news with Scott Schramm and Mick Tisone. every day at 7:05 and 8:05. We welcome new ideas for news stories. Don’t miss the SD & NE Power Hour at noon and our 4:10pm news on 1260AM.

KWYR News also welcomes ideas and suggestions for news stories.Send a news tip!

Our sports department is second to none. We are here to provide you with results, coverage, and wrap ups with local teams, coaches, and athletes. Catch sports everyday at 7:40 am, 12:50pm, and 4:20 pm.

During the busy school sports season, listen to all the area coaches give you their personal experiences on Coaches Corner, a Country 1260 Sports Exclusive. To provide our sports department with any information, Click Here To E-Mail Us.

We also provide Ag News for our farm and ranch families. Also, everyday at 3:30pm, catch the Farm and Ranch Review. This program provides you with the latest information regarding anything from bull sales to events to updated information about issues that affect everyone who lives in our part of the nation. You can also hear the latest national and international news from ABC.

This part of the Heartland prides itself on having some of the best hunting and fishing around, and you will only hear the latest outdoor news and reports on Country 1260.

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