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KWYR Photos, Videos and Interviews

Spotlight Video for Winner’s 3rd annual BBQ Pit Row Event!

Gregory City Report 7-20-15

Gregory Mayor, Maurie Schlaht
mp3 (3508k)

7/13/15 School board reports from Winner and Chamberlain

Mr. Bruce Carrier, Winner School Superintendent
mp3 (13201k)

Dr. Debbie Johnson, Chamberlain Schools Superintendent
mp3 (4372k)

7-6 City meeting reports from Winner, Gregory, and Chamberlain

Winner Mayor, Jess Keesis
mp3 (5956k)

Maurie Schlaht, Gregory Mayor
mp3 (2531k)

Chamberlain Mayor, Chad Mutziger
mp3 (1178k)

Tripp County Economic Development Recommendation Letter

Spotlight for the 2015 Fourth of July celebration in Gregory!

KWYR Spotlight on the 65 year celebration at the Winner Drive-In Theatre!