South Dakota Grassland Coalition Offering 3-day Holistic Management Event

The South Dakota Grassland Coalition is offering a 3-day holistic management event, featuring Joshua & Tara Dukart.  Participants will learn about a decision-making framework that helps develop a successful business & livelihood.  Teams are encouraged to register together and youth 12-17 are encouraged to attend, with a chaperone.

This dynamic event will be October 5, 6 & 7, 2021 in White River, South Dakota.  The actual cost to attend is $400, however generous donations from the South-Central RC & D, registration is only $150 for SD Grassland Coalition Members.  Registration cost includes meals & materials.  You can find more details at the SD Grassland Coalition website  For more information or to register contact Dan Rasmussen at 605-685-3315 or Jewell Bork at 605-530-3713.

Joshua and Tara Dukart have been practicing holistic management since 2008, identifying and working toward their financial, environmental and social goals. They speak, teach and consult regularly on an international basis. Their ranch, Seek First Ranch, in western North Dakota focuses on using the principles of holistic management to regenerate and enhance their land, animals, finance, community and quality of life. For more info about the Dukarts and this class, contact them at