Todd County and Chamberlain School Board Elections Today

There will be two school board elections today for the Chamberlain School District and the Todd County School District .

The election polls will be open from seven o’clock a.m. to seven o’clock p.m. central daylight time today.

For the Chamberlain school board election, the following school board positions will be voted upon:  one school board member for district 1: seat a for a two year term of office; one  school board member at-large for a three  year term of office.

Those running for the positions are:  District 1: Seat A: Amos Isburg, Mitchell Hranklin; at-large: Keith Reuer, Aaron Wisenbaugh.

The polling place in each precinct of this district is as follows:  Chamberlain Community Center (Brule Count);  St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Fort Thompson (Buffalo County) Oacoma Community Center (Lyman County)

For the Todd County School Board Election, the following offices will be voted upon:

Two school board members residing anywhere in the district will be elected for three (3) year term. Those running include:

Michelle Allen

Troy “Luke” Lunderman

Heather Frederick

Justin Klein

Shelley means

Linda Bordeaux.

The polling place in each precinct of this district shall be as follows:

O’Kreek Precinct: O’Kreek School

Mission/North & South Antelope Precincts Rosebud Precinct: Todd County Elementary School Rosebud School

Parmelee Precinct: Community Center

Bordeaux Consolidated Precinct: Spring Creek School

St. Francis Consolidated Precinct: Community Center

Lakeview Consolidated Precinct:  Lakeview School

Jeanette Consolidated Precinct: Littleburg School